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Department of Human Anatomy

The institution of Shree Shamalaji Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital & R.I. Godhra had a one of the big Anatomy laboratory in the field of Homoeopathic Medical Science. Anatomy is a basic subject for every Medical field. We have a very big Anatomy Laboratory since last 1994 onwards.

We have adopted purely approach that imparting basic Anatomical knowledge to every field of Medical students & simultaniously providing them its applied aspects.

We are providing in our Anatomy Lab. is very big Cadaver Room having 3-4 dead body , numerous specimen of Organs, Models, computerized charts, diagrams, laminated charts& skeleton (articular frame work of the Bones) in this laboratory various students dissecting to dead body so the students have a good clinico anatomical knowledge . To help the students we have brief accounts of Histological features for developmental aspects.