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Department of Organon of Medicine

Organon word is derived from the “Novum Organum” an immortal work set forth by Lord Bacon Hahnemann choose this word “Organon” as the title of his book which contain the basic principles of homoeopathy. It is taught in such a way that every homoeopathic medical student is clear in his mind by which homoeopathy has worked out and built up and with which a homoeopathic physician has to conduct his daily work with case and facility by teaching every individual case. Organon is divided into two parts: (1) Introduction (2) Organon proper.

It is written in aphoristic style in second part. ‘Aphorians’ means ‘paragraphs’. It has ix editions.

There are different charts containing aphorisms in detail which are used to teach students in their clinical classes. Different reference looks are present in the department for reference of students. The department also conducts monthly seminars for third and fourth year students.

  • 1) I Year : Introduction & 1-70 aphorisms.
  • 2) II Year : 71-145 aphorisms & I year included.
  • 3) III Year : 145-291aphorisms & I & II year included.
  • 4) IV Year : I & II & III year included & Philosophy & Psychology.