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Department of Surgery

Surgery and Homoeopathic therapeutics subject is taught in second year BHMS and III rd year BHMS.

We are having the well known surgeon, attached to our surgery Dept. and also Hospital.

We are teaching surgery in clinical classes at Stayanarayan General Hospital by our Surgery Department teacher & Surgeons & Nulife Hospital Godhra.

We are also demonstrating the surgical cases in our hospital to second year and third year BHMS student.

In theory, clinical classes, seminars, tutorials and IPD Bed side teaching, we are covering all the branches of Surgery like Ophthalmology, General Surgery, Systemic Surgery, ENT, Orthopedic with their Homoeopathic approach. We are also teaching in this Department the relation b/w Surgery & Homoeopathy.

Our Surgery therapeutic teacher teaches about different Homoeopathic medicines with their surgical indications & their values in surgical diseases.