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Dr. Keval Soni

Dear Friends: As a member of the Shamalaji Arogya Seva Trust for nearly 25 years, I am proud to have been part of the College’s transformation, particularly more than two decades. During that time, Shree Shamalaji Homoeopathic Medical College has seen impressive growth in all areas student population, number of faculty / staff, and even the physical layout of the campus. We have created schools and academic programs to help meet the needs of our community and satisfy the interests of our students. And we have vastly increased opportunities for our students to be involved in campus life. But even as things have changed, some remain the same.

There is little doubt that a college education is the most important investment a person will ever make. But how do you put a value on such an experience? College is where our students transition from young adulthood to independent members of society. It is where they choose their lives’ paths, and where they make the lifelong friends who will accompany them on that journey.

At Shree Shamalaji Homoeopathic Medical College, we offer instruction for our students, and graduate students at the master’s and doctoral levels. Our curriculum is built upon a solid foundation. No matter which direction or career path an individual chooses, College will prepare them for life after college. Our caring and competent faculty guides our students to discover their unique strengths and abilities, and encourage them to achieve academic success.

Our commitment to our students does not end at graduation. To date, the College has nearly 2,000 graduates. Some have stayed close and have become valuable leaders in the Panchmahal area, and others have traveled far. Still, wherever our alumni go, they never really leave collge behind. Many continue to stay involved with the College through boards, committees, and other volunteer opportunities.

I encourage you to explore the pages of this site to learn what makes Shree Shamalaji Homoeopathic Medical College “home” to all of us who are a part of its community. I look forward to meeting you and sharing your experience at College.

Best regards,

Dr. Keval R. Soni